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Preparing Your Home For Granite Countertops.

While we try to minimize any problems you may have during the installation of your new granite countertops, the process can be very disruptive. Here are a few items you need to be aware of to make the process go as smoothly as possible:


Please read this carefully!

I. Selection

A. Granite is a natural material and changes in color and consistency are part of its natural beauty. Some colors have the appearance of a grain in the aggregate. This is especially true of New Venetian Gold. It is not uncommon for this “grain” to go in different directions in two pieces that are seamed side-by-side. Some granite has mineral inclusions, knots, internal cracks, blanks or slight pits. These are normal and are all considered a part of the natural beauty. If this concerns you, a shop visit may be necessary for you to approve the stone for your job. If our craftsmen select your granite slabs, you are agreeing to our selection and any changes made after the stone has been cut will be at your expense. No replacements will be made for natural characteristics occurring within a countertop.

B. No sink requiring a hole greater than 18” front to back can be used unless in a corner or change in cabinet dimension to allow for a larger top. All sink holes have a ¼” overhang.

C. There is a charge for cutting electrical outlet holes in bar top risers. Please make sure we know about these since the holes make the risers very fragile and may require that the riser be installed with seams. Please let your electrician know that electrical boxes should be mounted flush with the framing.

D. Orders for non-stock colors are not cancelable and may require a 50% deposit before material will be ordered. Slab selection for stock colors cannot be cancelled or changed after fabrication of the material.

E. All excess stone material is the property of ISD Granite. Excess materials include any unused stone and sinks and cook top cutouts. Customer requests for excess stone will be considered but will be subject to additional charges for cutting or finishing.

F. – ISD assumes no responsibility for hidden or existing damage such as bad plumbing or deteriorated cabinetry that may only become evident upon removal of existing countertops.

II. Tem plating (1-2 hour visit)

A. You or a designated decision maker (18 years old or older) must be present during the template (pattern) process to approve seam locations, clipped or radius corners, electrical outlets and bar top overhangs. Your stone is actually cut from these templates so we ask that you check them carefully for correctness. Any changes made requiring a return site visit or after the stone has been cut will be at the customer’s expense.

B. Our standard backsplashes are 4″. There is a possibility this will not cover an older countertop backsplash. If you are not planning to repaint or replace your wallpaper or tile you may need to increase the height of the backsplash. The different height backsplash will need to be indicated at the time of the template for a nominal fee.

C. We will need dimensions of all cook tops, sinks and faucets to assure cutouts are sized correctly. If you are using an under mounted sink, we will need the sink in our shop before fabrication can begin. It is best to have it available for pick-up when the crew is templating. There is a $75 pick-up charge if we have to go pick up your sink at another location.

D. Cutouts for cook tops, faucets and drop-in sinks are typically done onsite at installation. We prefer having all hardware on site to verify dimensions before cutting. If you prefer to not have your cook top on site then we will need copies of the installation manual showing the appropriate cutout dimensions. Some manuals apply to multiple cook top models so make sure you mark which model is yours. If extra trips for cutouts are required because dimensions are not available, a $150 trip charge will apply.

E. All lower cabinets must be fully installed before we can template the job. This is critical for corbels and special trim so we can assure the granite covers them appropriately. 3 CM stone can support an overhang of 10” without additional support as long as at least 70% of the total countertop is supported by cabinets, knee wall, etc. These supports must be in place at the time of the template.

F. Cabinets must be level with in ¼” in 10 feet. Cabinets that rest on top of the deck must be installed after the installation on the countertops.

G. If ISD crew tears out your old countertops, our crew will try their best to not damage your walls, wallpaper or other wall coverings. There is, however, the possibility they may be damaged and we cannot be responsible for any necessary repairs. Your order must indicate tear outs prior to scheduling a template. There is an additional charge for tear outs.

H. There will be a $75 trip charge for a second trip to complete templates. Rescheduling a cancelled template date will typically require 2-5 days turnaround.

III. Installation (2-6 hour visit)

¤ You must be present during the installation process to approve faucet drill locations which are cut at the time of installation.

Once again, after the stone is cut, any changes are at your expense.

¤ To avoid damage; please remove any pictures, wall hangings, throw rugs, plants or pet dishes from the work area, as well as the route we will travel to the work area from outside. Your driveway and exterior must be passable for delivery/installation.

¤ Clear caulk will be used in all “wet” areas. Caulking between backsplashes and the wall is not included as part of this quote and is best performed by a painting contractor.

¤ Cook top cutouts, electrical outlets and faucet holes will generate dust in your home. While we will do our best to minimize the dust and vacuum the work area, you may want to turn off your AC system and drape off additional rooms to prevent the dust from spreading. We will leave your kitchen broom-clean, but will not pay for additional cleaning that you may deem necessary.

¤ Because our installers are not certified electricians or plumbers; we do not connect or install appliances or plumbing equipment. We will, however, install your sink into the countertop at the time of installation. We will also attach the dishwasher tabs to the bottom of the stone at the time of installation if it is in place. There will be an additional $150 charge for a second trip to attach the dishwasher at a later date.

¤ Sinks are installed with silicone and should not be hooked up or used for 24 hours. Silicone has a very strong odor which should dissipate in a few hours. Sinks will be reinforced with clips for stability. Plumbers must not install connection prior to 24 hours from time of initial installation. There will be an additional $150 charge for remounting the sink.

¤ If you are having other workers in the home, please instruct them NOT to use your new countertops as a workbench. This will avoid any scratches to your new countertops.

¤ Granite backsplash is perfectly straight; unfortunately, most walls are not. Since granite does not bend, you may find gaps between the backsplash and the wall. Gaps up to approx. ¼” are acceptable, but larger gaps may require the drywall to be brought out before caulking. This work is best performed by a drywall expert or painter.

¤ Installation of granite countertops requires the placement of irregularly shaped pieces weighing hundreds of pounds into tight spaces. This occasionally results in scrapes, dents, or scratches of walls and cabinets. This is a normal part of any remodeling process and the customer bears responsibility for any necessary minor repairs. In most cases, cabinets can be repaired with a cabinet touch up kit.

¤ If we are unable to install all of your countertops because of cabinet or support issues we will leave them in your home for installation at a later date. You are responsible for designating a safe/secure location for their storage and bear responsibility for any damage.

¤ While most kitchens can be completed in one day it is not uncommon to have to return for “punch list items” including broken or chipped pieces. This is normally completed two days later to give our shop time to refabricate pieces. Please schedule your time with this in mind. We do not discount for schedule changes or for time you may need to spend to complete your job.

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